Withstanding Depression MP3 and Video Series

Withstanding Depression

Audio:   1 Hour 50 Mins

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This unique approach explores…

  • Depression and Despair in the Scriptures
  • Physical, Natural, and Spiritual Causes
  • Finding the Root—Through Process of Elimination
  • Reassurance for Believers Who Struggle
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Product Description

This series brings fresh insight from an ancient book not often studied on the subject of depression, but one surprisingly in tune with the inner workings of the contemporary human heart and mind. That book is the Bible.That people become depressed is beyond question; the debate centers around why they do, and how they can be relieved of its power over their lives.

Psychology, as a science, searches for natural causes and treatments for personality disorders. Without minimizing the benefits of scientific inquiry, Dr. Daniel A. Brown offers an additional dimension of understanding about depression by exploring the physiological, psychological, emotional and spiritual forces that might be causing it. Then he offers a biblical model to uncover the root of some forms of depression, as well as sound biblical counsel for steps to recovery.

Includes:  audio files, 8-page outline.

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