Where was God When the Towers Fell?

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Where was God When the Towers Fell? Every one of us finds ourselves reeling from the repercussions of the terrorist attacks directed against our nation on 9-11. Honest hearts look for answers amidst the countless questions. Normal people want assurances—including some way to make sense out of what has happened and why.

Did God cause, or at least, allow it to happen? Is this disaster some sort of judgment rendered from on high against our country or its sins? Where does God stand; is He lined up with us in the coalition against terrorism, or not?

As is usually the case when people want to know where God stands, we tend to think in terms of whose side He is on. He doesn’t take sides; He defines the sides. He welcomes us to His side—that place of rest and peace from which all real understanding flows. In this series, we take a look at what the Bible reveals about God’s place and perspectives in our moment of national and personal grief.



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