What I Want for My Children MP3 and Video Series

What I Want for My Children

A Handy Compass for Mothers Who Sometimes Lose Their Way

Audio:   1 Hour 42 Mins

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A Handy Compass for Mothers Who Sometimes Lose Their Way Have you ever lost your way in the stress and confusion of parenting? Learn how to…

  • Maintain balance as you parent
  • Correct your children with tenderness
  • Keep them pointed in a fruitful direction
  • Know when something is “off”

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Product Description

What I Want for My Children – Parenting is a walk of faith; the fruit comes later—after years of pouring into our children the love and ways of God. If we focus on thinking about them the way God thinks about us, considering them with compassion and regarding our brief time with them as a privilege, then we will give them a safe place to grow.

This series by Pamela Brown offers an incredibly touching and profoundly simple philosophy for parenting. As a mother of four grown children, Pamela shares the desires she had for each of them, and how she managed to stay focused (most of the time!) on the hopeful intent of true discipline. She also explains how love and correction really can fit together to keep our kids on a fruitful and fulfilling path.

Pamela’s warmth, wisdom and tenderness will fill us with great ideas…and even greater hope.

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