Warring Spiritually

How to Beat What Comes Against You

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Audio:   5 Hours 36 Mins


Victories happen when we…

  • Trust Scripture as an antidote for confusion
  • Decide to NOT obey the force of sin
  • Recognize Satan isn’t everywhere, and he doesn’t know everything
  • Become alert to the spiritual battleground of the mind


Download:  audio files15-page outline.

Engaging in battle with the Enemy of our soul requires more than working methodically through a list of exercises and calling it “spiritual warfare”.

Those activities ultimately leave us feeling inadequate, outnumbered, and fixated on either ourselves or our Opponent. Warring spiritually has more to do with a posture we take: resisting what the Enemy is doing and deciding unwaveringly that we want God’s way above all else.

In this series, Dr. Daniel A. Brown exposes several misconceptions regarding our Adversary, reveals the nature of the conflicts we encounter, and outlines the readily-available weapons we rarely employ. The tools of our trade include subjecting our vulnerable imaginations to God, immersing ourselves in His Word and believing what He says—regardless of circumstances or our own conclusions.



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