Unlock the Power of Family MP3 and Video Series

Unlock the Power of Family – Teaching Series

What Happens at Home and Why It Affects Us So Deeply

Audio:   3 Hours 58 Mins         Video: 3 Hours 27 Mins

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Find the keys to…

  • Repairing painful family memories
  • Releasing buried unforgiveness
  • Recovering from generational dysfunctions
  • Restoring the four building blocks of covenant
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Product Description

Discover the four keys to covenant relationships in this seminar, Unlock the Power of Family…and begin turning brokenness into blessing for your family.

The power that family exerts upon us for good—or not—is like electricity: when we embrace it, we gain tremendous capacity to benefit our loved ones. If misused, that same power can bring disaster—or dysfunction, as we often identify the painful disconnect that most families experience.

Dr. Daniel Brown’s groundbreaking approach to our universal struggle reveals a new way of looking at our families. “Family” isn’t just a collection of people; it’s a spiritual entity fashioned by our Creator to do us good all our lives. Dr. Brown’s insights into this spiritual power called covenant will astound you, providing effective tools to get at the root causes of family pain—and to restore the wounds it has left.

This series is offered in either video or audio (recorded at different seminars), and are based on Daniel’s popular book Unlock the Power of Family

Includes:  audio files, video files, 5-page outline.

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