Timely and True Spirituals

How to Invite and Recognize God's Interventions in Daily Life

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Audio:   4 Hours 34 Mins         Video: 2 Hours 54 Mins

Learn how to…

  • Judge prophetic words, dreams, pictures and promptings
  • Recognize true spiritual authority and what it does
  • Measure true spirituality
  • Access the purpose of and power behind our spiritual language


Download:  audio files, video files, 14-page outline.

When the apostle Paul referred to spirituals, he simply meant “spiritual things,” as opposed to “natural things.” True spirituals function within established patterns and principles, are confirmed by Scripture and are intended to benefit others. As a matter of fact, we actually enter the realm of the supernatural through simple, everyday attitudes: adopting a humble posture, paying close attention to the tiny seeds of truth planted by the Holy Spirit, and obeying the smallest of His instructions. Bringing balance to an often misunderstood subject,

Dr. Daniel Brown offers a practical perspective on the supernatural gifts God gives us to reach people in their deepest points of need. Especially helpful are his insights on the spiritual gifts outlined in Corinthians and his refreshing views on spiritual language.



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