The Problem With…The Problem With Women in Ministry Leadership

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Audio:   1 Hour 57 Mins


What the Bible says about…

  • Women covering their heads in church
  • Women’s silence in worship services
  • Women teaching or having authority over a man
  • Meaningful leadership positions for women in the church


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Women in Ministry Leadership? Many sincere believers are convinced that only men should be spiritual leaders. Three “problem” texts in I Corinthians 11, 14 and I Timothy relating to women in leadership and teaching roles in the church seem to suggest significant limitations and lead us to ask, “Can women be leaders or teachers in church?” This series takes a fresh and compelling look at the words within and the context around these verses which are often misapplied.

With his easy-to-listen-to blend of humor and keen biblical insights, Dr. Daniel A. Brown points out the problem with the idea that women should be relegated to a smaller place of ministry or significance than men. He also shows how these Bible passages are consistent with the empowering and affirming “good news” message to all people—male and female.

You may also be interested Daniel’s 2010 book on this topic by the same name.



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