The Power Behind Tithing and Giving

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Prosperity: it’s not about what you keep, but what you give away.
Learn about…

  • Why God asks for our money, and how to talk about in to your church
  •  God’s spiritual retirement plan
  • Being faithful with the little things
  • How to “plant” money and watch it grow


Download:  audio files, video files, 9-page outline.

Preachers face the daunting challenge of teaching about tithing, both skeptics and eager listeners at the same time. In a manner that appeals both to mature believers and first-time visitors, Dr. Daniel Brown approaches the often-avoided subject of finances with humor, word pictures and modern paraphrases of Scripture, both confronting and inspiring our post-Christian culture about its handling of money.

This series, The Power Behind Tithing and Giving,  confirms God’s intent to bring us tremendous blessing, safety and satisfaction through biblical counsel that sounds contradictory at first glance: when we give away our resources, we actually prosper even more. If we dare to believe that what God says is true, the impact on our balance sheets will keep on building in the years ahead. Daniel’s practical advice on financial stewardship—using biblical strategies your accountant would probably never advise you to follow—guarantees a return that’s out of this world!



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