The Holy Spirit De-Mystified

Welcoming the Work of the Spirit in Your Life

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Audio:   3 Hours 18 Mins


Learn about…

  • The role of the Holy Spirit in believers’ lives today
  • Being baptized and filled with the Spirit
  • Speaking in tongues
  • Praying prophetically for others


Download:  audio files7-page outline.

The Holy Spirit is still a mystery to many of us. Some say that the gifts of the Spirit are no longer available, while others make them their sole focus. Jesus promised His disciples that they would do greater works than He had done after they received the Holy Spirit. What does the Bible say about the character and work of the Holy Spirit, and His role in our lives today?

Dr. Daniel A. Brown shares his personal experience based on key Bible texts which explain who the Holy Spirit is and how He works in our lives. Daniel offers a clear Biblical understanding of “speaking in tongues” and demystifies the “baptism of the Spirit.”

Jesus’ promise is still true: we can do what He did, and more, through the power of the Holy Spirit.



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