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How I Study My Bible Seminar

July 2016 at The Coastlands, Aptos CA

Audio:   3 Hours 34 Mins         Video: 3 Hours 35 Mins

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Product Description

Daniel explains why he developed this seminar, and what watching it will do for you:

If you’ve ever felt like the truths of the Bible remain somewhat hidden, and you sense you are missing something when you read it, I think you will appreciate this seminar. It will help you understand the Bible better—not as an academic exercise, but as simple-to-grasp ways to draw counsel from its pages. After all, the main purpose of the Bible is to give us God’s truth and counsel.

Lots of people have asked me through the years, “How did you get this from that passage?” This is my attempt to share my personal patterns of Bible study. I’ll explain the approaches I take to God’s word, and show you ways to get more out of what you read—not just memorizing verses or remembering stories, but drawing insight, counsel and understanding from God’s word.     — Daniel Brown

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