Spiritual Leadings Giftings and Operations

Spiritual Leadings, Giftings and Operations

A Bible Study of 1 Corinthians 12-14

Audio:   3 Hours, 39 Mins

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Recorded May 2016 Daniel shares his insights on “Spirituals” helping you understand the operations of the the gifts described in 1 Corinthians 12. (see full description below)



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Product Description

What is the difference between a prophetic word (prophecy), a word of wisdom or a word of knowledge? How can you know if the Lord may be asking you to step-out in one of these ‘spirituals’ while avoiding traps of emotionalism, or frankly, the off-putting “weirdness” that many have experienced from so-called ‘spiritual’ ministry?

What empowerment does the Holy Spirit give our lives? Can every believer–on only a gifted few–pray in the Spirit? Are Spiritual Gifts for today–and if so, how do they operate sanely and supernaturally? How do spiritual leadings and promptings come to our attention? How do we act on them in ministry situations?

Combining careful (and interesting) Bible study with over 40 years of practical, yet gift-using experience, Dr. Daniel Brown answers these questions and offers insights into how we can identify and operate in the supernatural gifts the Lord makes available to all believers.