Sharing Your Faith More Effectively

Lessons from the Early Church

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Most of us feel hugely inadequate when it comes to telling our friends and family about the life we have found in Jesus. We want them to hear the great news of forgiveness and recovery, but we do not want to “mess it up”. We end up pushing them farther away from the Lord by saying “dumb” things. Concluding that we just don’t know how to share our faith, we remain silent, hoping our life will be enough of a witness to the people around us. We get so intimidated even when there are obvious opportunities to share with others about Jesus, so we wrongly conclude that we don’t have the gift of evangelism. On the day of Pentecost, immediately following the outpouring of the Spirit (and the disciples speaking in tongues), a man named Peter witnessed (for the first time in his ministry) to thousands of people. What did he say, and how did he share his faith?

In this series, Daniel Brown will share these very simple principles that will help make you more effective in witnessing to friends, and explain why you usually feel so inadequate, so intimidated. You will be amazed at how much your thinking about evangelism will change…



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