Raising Great Kids

The Bible's Surprising and Straightforward Counsel

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Audio:   4 Hours 3Mins


Parents, learn about…

  • Establishing legitimate, age-specific boundaries
  • Helping your child learn how life works
  • Dismantling unhealthy alliances and foolishness
  • Spanking: how it does—and doesn’t—function


Download:  audio files8-page outline.

Raising Great Kids – How do we nurture and develop our children so they have every advantage in a difficult world? Is there more to it than just the-luck-of the-draw? Are there days when it seems like God assigns well-behaved kids to some parents, but not to others…?

Parenting isn’t easy, but the book of Proverbs is rich with specific guidance to make a parent’s role a lot less daunting. Parents hungry for God’s wisdom will find it in the tools and perspectives of this seminar.

Daniel and Pamela Brown team up in this series, combining practical Bible instruction with their own experience as the parents of two girls and two boys. These humorous messages will convict and energize you—but most of all, they will recharge your hope for yourself and for your kids. Here’s the best news: It’s never too late to start securing a great future for your child!



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