Process Leadership

Getting all the Parts of Church Working Together

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Audio:   4 Hours 41 Mins


As a pastor, do you…

  • Focus more on what goes on during services or between them?
  • Measure your success by attendance or transformed lives?
  • Discern the quality of leadership by the quality of the followers?
  • Please your people or engage them to accomplish a vision?


Download:  audio files48-page workbook.

Process Leadership – Intimidated by an ambiguous notion of church, many pastors earnestly try to structure a traditional setting rather than an atmosphere in which people can experience the opportunity of loving one another and reaching their God-given leadership potential.

This series, Process Leadership,  shows you how to focus your church to line up with the vision God has given you as its pastor. You will learn how to evaluate the current culture of your people, and design an environment based on their qualities, characteristics and condition in order to lead them toward that vision.

With practical advice and humorous personal accounts, Dr. Brown’s unique perspective on leadership-as-a-process will provide you with an excellent training tool not only for yourself, but for your rising leaders.



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