Precious Faith Like Job’s

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Are you…

  • In the midst of a long, painful season in your personal life?
  • Feeling misunderstood in your suffering?
  • Losing hope for any relief from your distress?
  • Wondering if God even cares?


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There’s something about Job that doesn’t appeal to us immediately; after all, it’s not fun to peek into the heart of someone who suffered that much. If we’ve ever turned to the book of Job, perhaps it’s because we had finally reached the end of our rope, and had vaguely thought we might get something helpful out of the record of his pain. Or maybe we rushed though the account as we read through the Bible on our way to the Psalms, so wish, “I wish I have faith like Job’s”.

When Pamela Brown opened the book of Job with a determination to see it with new eyes, she found herself surprised by hope. It takes courage and humility to embrace the answers of an almighty God for the things that have hurt us the most, and Pamela leads her listeners gently through her own process in the honest and conversational style that is her trademark. If you or anyone you love is desperate for answers for the pain you experience—whether it’s physical, emotional, psychological, or all of the above—then this message is for you.



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