Positive Parenting

Guiding Your young Child into Good Choices and Better Places

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Audio:   2 Hours 35 Mins


Discover how to

  • Discipline your children (without alienating them)
  • Handle defiance, foolish choices, and tantrums
  • Establish (and maintain) healthy boundaries
  • Deal with procrastination and laziness


Download:  audio files, 6-page outline.

Regret over lost chances, as well as uncertainty about what we should do “as good parents” can leave us exhausted—and intimidated.
We lack clear instruction about what a parent of young children should do. Sometimes, our only hope is that somehow we and our kids will survive the experience! “Hasn’t someone written a manual for this?”
Since parenting was God’s idea in the first place, He’s poised to help us—if we just ask Him! No matter what your thoughts about God and the Bible, expect lots of fun and tremendous encouragement as Dr. Daniel Brown explores the adventure of Positive Parenting in this audio public-forum seminar.



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