Personal Sutdy MP3 and Video Series

Personal Study and Growth Bundle

8 Teaching Series, 17 Hours, Name your own Price!

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Catapulted into Greatness

Catapulted into Greatness

Have you ever wondered…

  • What True Authority is?
  • Where Credibility Comes From?
  • How to Walk in Fearlessness?
  • Why You Can’t Make Yourself Great?
Following God

Following God

Get new insight on...

  • Jesus’ words, “Follow Me” and what they mean today
  • Embracing Jesus’ instruction  (even when He seems to contradict Himself!)
  • The real source of your identity and fulfillment
Fruitful Repentance

Fruitful Repentance

Learn about…

  • Repenting of the same things over and over
  • The scriptural foundations of repentance
  • God’s gifts and promises to those who repent
  • The connection between repentance and freedom
Getting the Most Out of Your Bible

Getting the Most Out of Your Bible

if we simply try to read and retain the words of the Bible, we’ll end up discouraged. That’s because getting the most out of your Bible goes beyond knowledge—the recorded imprint of God’s heart in the pages of Scripture is designed to change you in the most glorious way.

Hearing God's Voice

Hearing Gods Voice

You’ll learn…

  • To hear God’s counsel in your situation
  • The difference between God’s voice and your own
  • God’s communication style—its tone and message
  • How to live confidently in His instruction
Message to the Exiled MP3 and video series

Message to the Exiled

Ever wondered….

  • Why a good God allows tragedy?
  • How to get out of a mess and into bounty and blessing?
  • How to live with the fallout of a less-than perfect past?
  • What to do if you’re stuck in a destructive cycle?
The Power Behind Tithing and Giving MP3 and Video Series

The Power Behind Tithing and Giving

Prosperity: it’s not about what you keep, but what you give away.
Learn about…

  • Why God asks for our money, and how to talk about in to your church
  •  God’s spiritual retirement plan
  • Being faithful with the little things
  • How to “plant” money and watch it grow
Precious Faith Like Job's MP3 and Video Series

Precious Faith Like Job's

Are you...

  • In the midst of a long, painful season in your personal life?
  • Feeling misunderstood in your suffering?
  • Losing hope for any relief from your distress?
  • Wondering if God even cares?


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