Parenting Teens

How to Parent the Teenage Stranger in Your Home

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Did you know…

  • Disrespect for authority robs children of their self-worth
  • Uprooting an attitude can save lots of future grief
  • Your highest calling is to disciple—not just discipline
  • Despite the evidence, your teen still craves your approval


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Parenting Teens  –  raising children through the awkward, confusing, occasionally aggravating teenage years isn’t easy—even under ideal circumstances. Should you just hope to survive those turbulent years? Or does God have something better in mind?

Having raised four teenagers of their own (two boys and two girls), Daniel and Pamela Brown present an often-overlooked perspective to parents of teens: It’s not about the kids—it’s about the parents. A candid look in the mirror can offer surprising reflections of your youngsters’ attitudes and behavior. In this series, the Brown’s frank talk about disrespect, rebellion, fear, dating, curfews and anger will help you do more than just keep the peace at home. If you’re feeling overwhelmed or disqualified as you raise your teen, don’t feel alone—or beyond help. As you address the person in the mirror, you’ll find the confidence to disciple your child through the erratic ride of the teenage years.



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