One to One Ministry

The Handiest Tool for People-Building

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Audio:   4 Hours 2 Mins


Learn how to…

  • Discover precious gems in the raw material of people
  • Use your authority to affirm those in your care
  • Recognize the causes of exhaustion and discouragement
  • Lead people into the fullness of their unique calling in God



Download: audio files, 9-page outline

Jesus taught the multitudes, but He also spent time one-on-one with His disciples in order to bring transformation to their lives. We have the same privilege of partnering with God in our ministry to others, mirroring His heart for them and imitating the ways of Jesus. Dr. Daniel A. Brown discusses the benefits of one-to-one discipleship as a more intimate way to help people overcome points of pain in their lives.

Through this practical series,  One to One Ministry, we learn how to establish credibility and see potential in others by listening reflectively and prophetically. We also discover how encouraging and confronting people effectively will lead them to repentance. As an experienced pastor, Dr. Brown encourages those in ministry by pointing out potential causes of exhaustion and offering ways to resist common sources of temptation.



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