Next Steps for You and Your Church

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Audio:   4 Hours 49 Mins         Video: 5 Hours 2 MIns


You’ll discover…

  • Your church’s—and your own—unique gifts and calling
  • Where your church is in its growth process
  • How to delegate responsibilities—and who to ask
  • The key qualities of a healthy church


Download:  audio files, video files, 20-page article, 70-page syllabus.

Both you and your church are constantly changing. Since church is a process, not a finished product, there are always next steps to take toward fulfilling God’s purpose for your congregation.
This series, Next Steps for You and Your Church,  features a step-by-step method that helps you identify who you were made to be and what God’s heart is for your church; then you’ll learn how to guide those in your care toward healthy change. When you discover how to arrange your resources in obedience to what Jesus has asked you to do, you’ll be able to identify what needs to be adjusted—and what can be celebrated—in your church and its people.
Dr. Daniel A. Brown’s personalized workshop will give you the tools you can use now to zero in on a renewed vision, and to shape that vision into a living reality in your church.


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