Ministry Gift Mixes

Why Ears Don't See and Why You Are the Way You Are

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Audio:   7 Hours 36 Mins         Video: 4 Hours 7 MIns


This series identifies…

  • Our unique spiritual giftedness
  • How our gift mix reflects God’s heart to others
  • The strengths, liabilities and development of each gift
  • The way our gift mixes work together to complement each other


Download: audio files, video files, 28-page outline

God’s passionate desire for us prompted Him to make us a mirror of His amazing nature. He designed us as givers, teachers, exhorters, pastors, apostles, leaders, evangelists, prophets, helpers or showers of mercy; but these aren’t based on our natural aptitudes! Our spiritual gift mix is a unique combination of capacities, burdens and functions, which work together like individual parts of a body, giving us the spiritual ability to build others up and demonstrate God’s love to the church and the world. In this series, Dr. Daniel Brown describes each of the ministry gift-mixes in a detailed, understandable and personal way, offering insight into God’s character and how we were made to reflect Him.
As Dr. Brown outlines the development and vulnerabilities of each gifting, you’ll surely recognize yourself—and celebrate the uniqueness of those around you.

The audio series and video series downloads were recorded at different seminars. Listen here or you can download for free via the add to cart button above.



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