Message to the Exiled

Life Even After a Big Mistake

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Ever wondered….

  • Why a good God allows tragedy?
  • How to get out of a mess and into bounty and blessing?
  • How to live with the fallout of a less-than perfect past?
  • What to do if you’re stuck in a destructive cycle?


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Don’t you enjoy watching a great action-mystery movie for the second time—after you’ve seen the who-dunnit—because now you can spot all the clues you missed the first time around?

In this macro view of God’s dealings with His people exiled through the centuries, Daniel Brown uncovers evidence in the book of Jeremiah to answer two questions: “How can people do what they do?” and “Why does God do what He does?” As Daniel probes the despair that plagues well-intentioned Christians who have made serious mistakes, he presses the question: Is there a way forward after taking such backward steps? Can we learn something from Israel’s history during the 6th Century B.C.? The answer is yes! Through this moving inside look into the prophet Jeremiah’s questions and struggles, you will discover that God provided redemption to the very sons and daughters He was disciplining—just as He does today.

This series, Message to the Exiled,  of messages by Daniel Brown bring the Old Testament and New Testaments together, and supply a wealth of wisdom to energize your here-and-now life. You will never view “judgment” the same again, once you’ve heard the whole story of Israel’s banishment to Babylon. You’ll find that God gives helpful counsel to us even when we’re struggling with the consequences of sin. You’ll see the amazing tenderness of the God who has never changed throughout the millennia, and how He deals with the parts of you that have been imprisoned, banished, rejected, cut off, or just lost in the midst of hopeless circumstances. Come and be re-introduced to the Father who offers both instruction and promise in the tight place where you’ve fallen (regardless of how you got there)!



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