Marriage and Family Bundle

7 Teaching Series, 24 Hours of Teaching, One Low Price!!!

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Cracks in the Plaster

Discover things you never knew about...

  • What love is...and isn’t
  • God’s purpose for authority and submission
  • The cause and cure for bitterness in families
  • Husbands/Fathers’ call to tenderness and understanding
  • Wives/Mothers’ call to connection and fulfillment
Parenting Teens MP3 and Video Series

Parenting Teens

Did you know...

  • Disrespect for authority robs children of their self-worth
  • Your highest calling is to disciple—not just discipline
  • Despite the evidence, your teen still craves your approval
God Has A Plan For Your'B' Marriage

God Has a Plan B for Your Marriage

Discover the tools for...

  • Making a “connection” with your spouse
  • Living together as companions
  • Creating mental and emotional “leftovers”
  • Appreciating and encouraging one another
Positive Parenting MP3 and Video Series

Positive Parenting

Discover how to

  • Discipline your children (without alienating them)
  • Handle defiance, foolish choices, and tantrums
  • Establish (and maintain) healthy boundaries
  • Deal with procrastination and laziness
Raising Great Kids MP3 and Video Series

Raising Great Kids

Parents, learn about…

  • Establishing legitimate, age-specific boundaries
  • Helping your child learn how life works
  • Dismantling unhealthy alliances and foolishness
  • Spanking: how it does—and doesn’t—function
Unlock the Power of Family MP3 and Video Series

Unlock the Power of Family

Find the keys to...

  • Repairing painful family memories
  • Releasing buried unforgiveness
  • Recovering from generational dysfunctions
  • Restoring the four building blocks of covenant
What I Want for My Children MP3 and Video Series

What I Want for My Children

A Handy Compass for Mothers Who Sometimes Lose Their Way Have you ever lost your way in the stress and confusion of parenting? Learn how to…

  • Maintain balance as you parent
  • Correct your children with tenderness
  • Keep them pointed in a fruitful direction
  • Know when something is “off”


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