Isaiah 61

Isaiah 61

Good News for the Afflicted

Audio:   3 Hours 58 MIns

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Find out…

  • Why you can’t seem to free yourself from your pain
  • The kinds of hurt and loss caused by demonic activity
  • What God’s judgment does—and why you’ll want it
  • The balanced principles behind a fruitful deliverance ministry
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Product Description

Isaiah 61  –  Good News for the Afflicted!

Do you see yourself as…sick? Brokenhearted? Afflicted? When you can’t go on, you can ask for help…and Jesus promises to reveal the patterns that hold you back, exchanging your brokenness with His joy. Dr. Daniel Brown breathes fresh life into the well-known verses of Isaiah 61 in this series, expanding your grasp of who Jesus is and how He addresses every emotional, spiritual and psychological bruise any of us could ever experience. The good news—that you don’t have to stay the way you are, nor rely on yourself for your recovery—is the reason for our every hope. A compassionate and scriptural foundation for deliverance and spiritual healing, these messages are so much more than a Bible study. As you listen, you will gain helpful tools for both receiving and offering the restoration that’s available only in Jesus.

Note: This series was previously titled “An Uncommon Cure.”

Includes:  audio files, 8-page outline.

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