How to Mobilize Your Church

Moving People from Sunday Service into Ministry Service

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Audio:   3 Hours 53 Mins



  • What keeps people from volunteering at church
  • The difference between instructing and mentoring
  • Why more pastors don’t disciple their people
  • How to involve more people in ministry leadership


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How to Mobilize Your Church addresses one of the greatest concerns of pastors worldwide, Dr. Daniel A. Brown explains why it’s so hard to encourage volunteerism in the church: there’s a direct link between the lack of pastoral discipleship and people’s lack of interest in serving.

Daniel explains the power of mentoring, reveals why pastors commonly don’t disciple, and discusses the primary reasons people do and don’t volunteer. What you learn will surprise you!

As an added feature, this series includes testimonies from people whose lives have been changed through mentorship and serving—demonstrating that when we invite others to observe our lives, our personal process of struggle and obedience has a transforming impact on others. How to Mobilize Your Church is a practical and heartening approach to mobilizing more people into service, and will become an invaluable tool for every leader.



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