Hearing God’s Voice

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Audio:   3 Hours 40 Mins


You’ll learn…

  • To hear God’s counsel in your situation
  • The difference between God’s voice and your own
  • God’s communication style—its tone and message
  • How to live confidently in His instruction


Download:  audio files7-page outline.

Hearing God’s Voice, discerning and distinguishing it from all the ‘noise’ in your mind isn’t easy. However, you can develop—over time, through experience—your ability to hear Him when He speaks to you.

Of course, the primary message God conveys to people comes through Jesus, the Word of God. But He loves to reinforce His general message of affection, forgiveness, and hope with particular bits of instruction, encouragement, and guidance to secure you in your daily life. Sometimes His words are life-shaping prophecies; at other times, they provide specific advice or comfort in the midst of your circumstances.

Are there ways to speed up the process of sharpening your spiritual listening skills? Yes! In this Bible study by Dr. Daniel A. Brown, you’ll discover steps for cultivating an ear for God’s whispered counsel to your heart.


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