God Has a Plan B For Your Marriage

Seven Things Your Spouse Secretly Wants

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Audio:   4 Hours         Video: 3 Hours 34 Mins


Discover the tools for…

  • Making a “connection” with your spouse
  • Living together as companions
  • Creating mental and emotional “leftovers”
  • Appreciating and encouraging one another


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After the Fall, the differences between men and women suddenly seemed peculiar instead of complementary. Although the attraction remained, the relationship required constant work (not to mention some suffering). So God came up with another design: a “Plan B” for redeeming the marriage relationship, calling us to serve and submit to our spouses as the key to fitting back together the way He intended from the start. With characteristic honesty, Dr. Daniel A. Brown unveils God’s plan for marriage, exposing the seven things husbands and wives desire most from each other. Although every marriage will benefit from these funny and frank talks, they can bring fresh insight to anyone who has relationships with friends and family of the opposite sex.

Warning: this is one of the most hilarious talks Daniel has ever given—be prepared to blush a little and laugh a lot!



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