Get Your Church Unstuck

Getting Your Church Unstuck

Practical suggestions for taking your church to the next significance level

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Some questions to ask yourself if your church has been “stuck”:

  • Who comprises the staff—both paid and volunteer?
  • What fellowship groups exist in the church?
  • Have significant levels and types of responsibility been delegated?


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Product Description

Getting Your Church Unstuck – Churches get stuck at some sizes more than others; the common barriers are at 60, 90-120, 200 and 400 people. Each plateau presents pastors with slightly different challenges for staffing, grouping and delegating; Daniel offers insights about the possible causes of that stuckness, as well as suggestions to consider at each stage.

We may find more solutions to what hinders our churches from growing larger if we think in terms of getting you church  unstuck, rather than just getting bigger. Whether a church has big or small numbers, God’s interest is the same. The true question is not how can I get a bigger church? But how can I empower more of my church in ministry that really matters?

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