Fruitful Repentance (Booklet)

...and its Power to Break Bad Habits


Learn about…

  • Repenting of the same things over and over
  • The scriptural foundations of repentance
  • God’s gifts and promises to those who repent
  • The connection between repentance and freedom




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The Gospel of Mark begins the “Good News” with an invitation to repent: to change your thinking and walk the other way. That’s why repentance is not a task to approach with dread and foreboding but a spiritual activity to be welcomed and embraced. If we miss the heart of God concerning repentance, the foundational building block of all our future restoration is missing, too.

In this personal and honest message, Dr. Daniel Brown leads us through his own process of repenting for the same things over and over again—and discovering the real power of agreeing with God. Find out how you can also embrace this dynamic spiritual tool! There’s freedom and fruitfulness waiting for anyone who will regularly say, “Oh, Lord, I’m wrong again”.


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