Following God

How to Read the Signs and Stay in Step with What He's Doing

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Audio:   2 Hours 11 Mins


Get new insight on…

  • Jesus’ words, “Follow Me” and what they mean today
  • Embracing Jesus’ instruction  (even when He seems to contradict Himself!)
  • The real source of your identity and fulfillment
  • The everyday choices and rewards of following Him


Download:  Audio files7-page Outline.

In this series, Following God, Dr. Daniel Brown looks into Biblical episodes where Jesus’ words “Follow Me” may challenge us to shift our focus, change directions, deny ourselves, or even follow Him into a storm. The details in these Gospel narratives shed new light on some common misconceptions about God . . . because we don’t follow Him to destinations, but into a deeper revelation of who He is.

Jesus’ invitation—to stick close to Him, even if it costs us something—is open to everyone. We have the privilege of hearing Him in the smallest particulars of life, and when we’re willing to take personal risks in order to follow His leadings, we will enjoy unimaginable rewards.

A combination of Bible study and practical application, this engaging message will help you embrace Jesus’ singular summons for you to come alongside Him as a “fisher of men.”


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