Escape Spiritual Lies traps&traumas

Escape Spiritual Lies, Traps & Traumas

Tamper Proof Your Soul

Audio:   3 Hours 32 Mins.         Video: 2 Hours 48 Mins

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Learn about…

  • How to recognize an idol in your life
  • The power behind ancient images
  • Strategies against the lies of your spiritual opponents
  • Old Testament wisdom for today’s spiritual battles
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Product Description

It may seem obvious—or it may not—but we each struggle daily with an adversary determined to sabotage our very identity with spiritual lies, and traps designed to do us harm. When we’re vulnerable and in pain, he offers “idols” like anger, resentment, rejection, fear and bitterness that carve themselves into our hearts. They seem to offer comfort and protection, but the suggestions, conclusions and vows they peddle will only traumatize us in the end. Eventually, we’re enslaved and disillusioned instead of safe and comfortable.

In this series, Dr. Daniel Brown brings the pages of the Old Testament to life as he examines these spiritual lies, and traps. There we find examples of how our ancestors fell into (or avoided) the traps set by idols, giving us real tools to avoid the traumas that our common enemy intends for us. The relevance to our own daily experience is astounding…and well worth the look at history.

Includes:  audio files (tracked  or CD version), video files, 7-page outline.

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