Going to the Bible for Answers

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The people in the Bible are no strangers to depression. Neither do they paint an all-rosy picture of life without problems and discouragement. Misery and heartache stem from many different roots-rebellion, victimization, deferred hope, physical or emotional disappointment, etc. – but their ultimate source is in the death that invaded our world when Adam and Eve first sinned. Many of us come under increased assault from despair and depression during certain times of the year; for example, the enemy takes advantage of the intended joy of Christmas to accentuate what we don’t have, i.e. money, children at home, a spouse, or enough time. Memories of past holidays shared with loved ones who are no longer in our life can stir up disquiet in our soul.

Even sincere followers of Jesus Christ can fall prey to denial (“Everything is fine. No big deal. Who me, hurt?”), or to even more pathetic self-pity (“My pain is unbearable. No one understands what I’m going through. No one cares about me.”).Can we be honest about our painful condition without lapsing into the false comfort of self-pity? In this series, Dr. Daniel A. Brown takes us to the Bible for some startling but, ultimately, comforting advice.


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