Deliverance MP3 Series, by Daniel Brown


A Hope-Giving Bible Study on Inner Freedom

Audio:   3 Hours 37 Mins

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Clarifying what deliverance is, as well as identifying what it is not, this series will discuss:

  • Some common misunderstandings about deliverance
  • What the Bible tells us about deliverance
  • The nature and activity of demons
  • Patterns and tools for ministering spiritual freedom
  • Vulnerabilities to bondage
  • The connection between salvation and deliverance
  • Prayer and fasting
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Product Description

A controversial and often-misunderstood subject, the ministry of deliverance can sometimes raise more questions than it answers. The believer’s struggle against invisible forces can too easily be sidetracked into either giving too much or too little attention to our spiritual foes.

Restricting deliverance to evicting demons through prescribed tactics has become a common tendency in the church—but is that all there is to Jesus’ plan for freeing people from their afflictions? When Daniel and Pamela Brown pioneered The Coastlands in 1984, their commitment to the integrity of Scripture provided a biblical balance that brought unprecedented freedom and personal growth for the people in their care.

What they discovered was that, according to the Scriptures, we become like the thing we worship—when we serve the Lord and line up with His counsel, we become like Him; but when we’re attentive to the insinuations and half-truths of false gods, we end up manipulated by demonic influences. Our thoughts, feelings and choices begin to line up with theirs.

The pastoral experience Daniel and Pamela gained in the arena of deliverance ministry makes this unique series a valuable tool for identifying where our real threat comes from, and how to contend for the fullness of life Jesus intends for us and for those in our care.

For pastors/leaders wanting a careful, biblical study of deliverance from demonic bondage this audio series can bring clarity out of the confusion that has long surrounded this subject. It has become a mainstay in The Coastlands’ counseling department, and it is especially helpful for those who are unfamiliar with or uncertain about the concept of demonic influence in the believer’s life.

Includes:  audio files, 10-page outline.

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