Cries against the Shepherds

Filtering Accusations Against Spiritual Leaders

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Be equipped to :

  • Recognize Your Own Clay Feet
  • Understand The Difference Between Control and Godly Authority
  • Distinguish The Varied Motives for Slander
  • Assess an Accusation


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How do we filter accusations against spiritual leaders? Can we ensure that selfish, controlling shepherds are brought to repentance—without also robbing selfless leaders of their credibility?

Spiritual authority and abuse are not easy topics to discuss. Pain and confusion abound among followers who have been poorly served by selfish leaders, and among leaders who have been falsely accused by those they once led.

All pastors eventually face this sad dilemma: navigating the hurt and confusion that follow when they’ve become a target for accusation by the very ones they love and serve. Dr. Daniel Brown bravely tackles this delicate subject with sensitivity and depth, exploring the motives behind unwarranted slander against spiritual shepherds as he explores in the booklet.

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