Cracks in the Plaster

Spotting Family Problems before the House Falls Down

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Audio:   3 Hours 49 MIns


Discover things you never knew about…

  • What love is…and isn’t
  • God’s purpose for authority and submission
  • The cause and cure for bitterness in families
  • Husbands/Fathers’ call to tenderness and understanding
  • Wives/Mothers’ call to connection and fulfillment


Download:  audio files12-page outline.

If God designed us for relationships, why do we so often feel alienated and alone…even in our family relationships?

If you’re struggling to raise kids, survive family dynamics, sort out marital issues, or are simply wondering if you’re really in love, you probably need a little mortar to fill the cracks in your heart and your home.

You’ll find that this series contains, under one broad roof, an amazing wealth of clarity to cut through the confusion. As Dr. Daniel Brown guides you through a practical discussion from the book of Colossians, he demonstrates how God designed family relationships to thrive in the crucible of day-to-day life. Especially useful: a discussion for women on the difference between submission and partnership, and a challenge for men to “keep tender”.


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