Church With Attitude

Church With Attitude

Adapting the Essence of Vital, Local for any Era or Culture

Audio:   2 Hours 58 Mins         Video: 2 Hours 42 Mins

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You will discover…

  • How to mobilize servant-hearted leaders
  • The fast track to spiritual growth—individually and corporately
  • How to foster accessibility and accountability
  • Church as a vital living encounter with God
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Product Description

Church with Attitude examines the early church and describes what church can still be today. For most of us, church is a place where people gather to sing, listen to a sermon, maybe even be wowed by an event or a program, and then go home to do the rest of life on our own.

In understandable and contemporary language, Dr. Daniel Brown paints a whole new picture of church. No longer defined by the meeting place or the programs, the church is released to become entirely about people and their relationships with one another. What does the Bible really say about Church?

With 22 years of pastoring as his backdrop, Dr. Brown will help you see how the Kingdom of God works best through ordinary people doing ordinary things. Accountability, discipleship, servanthood, how an apprenticeship works, and giving everyone an opportunity to lead are among the many ways that church becomes dynamic and meaningful in the 21st century.

Includes:  audio files, video files, 4-page outline.

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