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Church Leadership Bundle

5 Teaching Series, 22 Hours of Material - Save 22%!

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Church With Attitude

Church With Attitude

You will discover…

  • How to mobilize servant-hearted leaders
  • The fast track to spiritual growth—individually and corporately
  • How to foster accessibility and accountability
Final Frames My 'Takes' on Ministry for a Lifetime

Final Frames

"In this series, I’ll share with you how God has enabled me to radically know and follow Him through the years—and why He still provokes me to new perspectives about Kingdom life.", Daniel




  • Ways to resist the spirit of Jezebel’s seduction
  • How to identify Jezebel, witchcraft, and control
  • What Scripture reveals about Jezebel and its strategies
  • How to recover those who have succumbed to Jezebel
Next Steps MP3 and Video Series

Next Steps for You and Your Church

You’ll discover...

  • Your church’s—and your own—unique gifts and calling
  • Where your church is in its growth process
  • How to delegate responsibilities—and who to ask
  • The key qualities of a healthy church
Process Leadership MP3 and Video Series

Process Leadership

As a pastor, do you…

  • Focus more on what goes on during services or between them?
  • Measure your success by attendance or transformed lives?
  • Discern the quality of leadership by the quality of the followers?


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