Catapulted Into Greatness

Become Someone Used by God

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Audio:   1 Hour 56 Mins


Have you ever wondered…

  • What True Authority is?
  • Where Credibility Comes From?
  • How to Walk in Fearlessness?
  • Why You Can’t Make Yourself Great?


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Deep down we know that we were made for greatness: not celebrity status, vast wealth, or political influence, but greatness as the Lord defines it. But how do we make a lasting difference in the lives of others?

Most of us have a hard time believing we were designed by God for great significance. It even sounds strange, doesn’t it? Being great? Isn’t that arrogant or self-important? Aren’t believers supposed to be humble and meek and seek the best for others? Exactly!

For that kind of great significance, it is never too late; of that greatness, you are always capable. As you listen to this series, you’ll get in on five simple ways to be catapulted to a level of spiritual significance above and beyond what you ever thought possible.



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