Battling Legalism

In Your Life and Ministry

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Audio:   1 Hour


Resist legalism as you learn…

  • How to identify the Pharisee spirit
  • Why the Law was given
  • Legalism’s mind-traps
  • What “justification” does to free us


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Battling Legalism – Why did Jesus reserve His strongest words for the Pharisees? Because their religious spirit totally missed the heart of God for His people. They confused duty for devotion and ultimately taught that our standing with God depends on our ability to “get it right (perfect).”

If you have ever wondered why you seem to “do things right,” but life hasn’t turned out the way you expected, and you can’t understand why; or if you find yourself constantly thinking that you should have done something more or didn’t do enough, then you may be struggling with legalism.
Daniel A. Brown presents this material in an easy-to-understand package, adaptable for the pulpit or for Bible study.


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