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Balance, Discernment & Leadership in the Local Church

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Here are some thoughts that have helped to steady me

  • Many things are best balanced over the long haul.
  • Stress-free, pressure-free living is not the goal.
  • Every little move makes a big difference.
  • I am far more likely to be wrong than right.
  • Success is an inner conviction, not an outward show.
  • God is more interested in me than in my ministry.
  • God wants to change me more than the situations or people around me.
  • Imbalance is a symptom of deeper, underlying issues.
  • Ministry and life itself are not about me.

Product Description

The kind of balance I strive for in my ministry assignment and my life, especially as it relates to discernment, is like that of a tightrope walker. It is very important to be balanced on the platform at the end of the rope…before stepping off that little platform with the long pole in my hands.

Some thoughts on discernment:

God is often trying to warn us about problems that will surely develop if we just look the other way. The Enemy counts on the fact that Christians value being polite more than being alert to “secretly introduced falsehoods” (2 Peter 2:1).

Intimidation, uneasiness, confusion, fear, agitation—these may be the imprints of evil presences on your radar screen. A pastor who at least sifts those sensations through the filter of scripture and makes an assessment of the fruit evidenced in people’s lives, will last longer in ministry. We also need to realize that, if we don’t respond to the promptings of discernment we feel from the Lord, our congregation will end up paying a steep price.

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