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All Torn Up Inside

Why the Effects of Abuse Last so Long...and How Healing Comes

Audio:   4 Hours 16 Mins

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Learn how…

  • To discern destructive counsel—and to find godly mentors
  • Gratitude and forgiveness are essential for recovery
  • Your attitude toward authority either harms or restores you
  • To become vulnerable with people again
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Product Description

If you’ve experienced violation in a trusted relationship, then your identity, strength, and true authority to build others up have been stolen from you. That’s why Dr. Daniel A. Brown begins these simple-to-understand patterns for abuse recovery with a beautiful introduction on finding godly counsel in your life. You’ll experience healing through real relationships as you lean into the often-surprising instruction found in these messages.

Did you know that forgiveness acknowledges your abuser’s guilt? When you can desire their pardon from the punishment they deserve, you’ve cut off their power over your future. And did you realize that when you gather friends with whom to commiserate, you sabotage your healing from the past? This 4-series is so packed with insight and instruction, you’ll want to listen again and again as you allow God’s word to fully recover your life.

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