Acts of the Early Church (Book of Acts)

Acts of the Early Church

26 Teachings on the Book of the Acts

Audio:   18 Hours 15 Mins

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You will discover:

  • How to be rescued from tight places
  • Unusual leadings of the Lord
  • How to stay fresh and keep moving on in the Lord
  • Hints for how to understand difficult passages in the Bible
  • The Second Coming of Jesus
  • Practical help for praying in the Spirit
  • The acts of the early believers
  • How to be a good witness
  • The impact of “no account” living
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Product Description

“I looked forward to studying the Book of Acts, and felt a very specific promise given to me from the Lord, that I was exhilarated about; the promise having to do with getting understanding that will help us individually come to a renewed place of relationship and ministry empowerment in the Lord as we study how the early church sought after, and responded to what God was saying—amazing things happened. I look forward to breakthroughs in our personal lives and in the lives of others, as we ask God what this study might mean for us today”, Daniel Brown

In this 26-part series titled Acts of the Early Church, Daniel Brown leads us through an insightful study of the Book of Acts, covering a wide variety of fresh and relevant-for-today topics that impact our lives. Along with the audio file, there is a link to download the transcript of the entire series.

Includes:  audio files, 135-page study guide.

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