Daniel Brown’s Teaching Archive


Here you can find almost every teaching Daniel has done since 1985-1995 ( at least the ones we could track down) – starting with his tenure at Church on The Way and many of his 22 years as Senior Pastor of The Coastlands. You can stream it or download  to your library.

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1985-02-24The Kingdom of God (3rd Dimension) (4 part series) 
1985-03-24Jesus Came To Take Sin Away 
1985-04-04Jesus’s Anointing
1985-04-07The Sunrise from on High 
1985-04-14Loving One Another 
1985-04-21Jesus – The Way to the Father 
1985-08-04Judgement: Our Hope for Salvation -Discernment of God (2 part series)
1985-08-25Renewing the Mind
1985-09-01Whatsoever He Says, Do It
1985-09-08Spirit Filled (4 part series)
1985-07-28Long Obedience Towards Lasting Redemption (7 part series)
1985-10-20Faith: Receiving a Testimony (2 part series) 
1985-11-03Authority in the Church
1985-11-10Roadways in the Wilderness: A New Thing 
1985-11-17How to Test Spirits
1985-11-17Appointed to Service 
1985-12-29Bright Hope for Tomorrow 
1985-12-29Words from the Lord 
1986-01-12The Gift of Giving (2 part series) 
1986-01-12Take My Yoke 
1986-01-19Confronting the Spirit of Abortion 
1986-01-26Not Building New Barns 
1986-02-02Consider the Lovingkindness of the Lord 
1986-02-02When We Have No Answers 
1986-02-09Surprised By Promises 
1986-02-15MD2 Retreat: Coastlands – Delta Recourse – Session 1 (6 part series) 
1986-02-16Unfathomable Riches 
1986-03-23Crouching Sin 
1986-03-23Fasting: Tears of the Soul 
1986-03-30The Opened Door 
1986-04-06Digging Wells 
1986-04-13Idol Confessions (2 part series) 
1986-09-21Tongue of a Disciple 
1987-01-01Streams in the Desert (3 part series) 
1987-02-1511 Keys to a Closer Walk to God
1987-11-03Becoming a Company of Peoples (7 part series)
1988-05-13Fleeing Potiphar’s Wife – Session 1 (4 part series) 
1988-10-0213 Consequences of Unconfessed Sin
1989-04-01Submission and Accountability
1989-04-23The Dilemma of Drink 
1989-05-14An Excellent Woman
1989-07-23Truly Loving Correction 
1989-10-01Forgiveness and Change
1989-10-29The Truth About Earthquakes 
1989-12-31Cheap Clay Pots 
1990-01-07The Dying of Jesus I Die 
1990-01-14Faith and Affliction
1990-01-19Leadership Retreat – Session 1 (4 part series) 
1990-01-21We’ll Barely Know We’ve Died
1990-01-21What Does it Mean to be Baptized in the Holy Spirit? (3 part series)
1990-01-28The Substance of Maturity 
1990-02-04In Love’s Prison Cell
1990-02-18Being Truly Spiritual 
1990-02-25Cheap Pots and Temples
1990-03-11How to Think About Money (2 part series)
1990-04-08Authority to Build
1990-04-15The Theme of the Bible
1990-04-29Have You Been Where I’ve Been?
1990-05-13Insult to Injury
1990-05-20Faith is a Simple Story
1990-05-27Sometimes it’s a No Win Proposition
1990-06-10Doing Nothing Against the Truth
1990-08-05God Won’t Be Your Co-Dependent
1990-08-19Things Easily Forgotten About God (2 part series) 
1990-09-09Spiritual Sanity in an Insane World (6 part series, part 4 is MIA) 
1990-10-11Casting a Vision with Your Heart and Hand (3 part series) 
1990-11-25Waiting On God
1991-01-06The Logos of God: Heavenly Genetics 
1991-01-20Composed of Grace
1991-01-27John and the Theologians 
1991-02-03You Haven’t Seen Anything Yet 
1991-02-17Jesus, The Jealous Witness 
1991-02-24Witness the Wind
1991-03-03Twice Judged or Once Saved? 
1991-03-10Increasing and Decreasing 
1991-03-17Worship in Spirit and Truth 
1991-03-24Harvest Now and Later 
1991-03-27The Challenge of Leadership (7 part series) 
1991-03-31Time and Eternity in the Cosmos 
1991-04-07Who Am I Anyway? (4 part series)
1991-05-12God Has a Mother’s Heart 
1991-05-21Prognosis for Discipleship 
1991-06-02Jesus’s Obedient Equality
1991-06-09Here Comes the Judge
1991-06-16One Foe Remaining – What We Know About Death 
1991-07-07How to Know What’s Right (2 part series)
1991-07-21How to Judge People and Things
1991-07-25Pastor’s Vignette – Part 1 – How to Counsel Faithfully 
1991-07-28How to Water Your Desert (2 part series)
1991-08-11Speaking in Tongues 
1991-09-01You Can’t Live in Two Places at Once
1991-09-08Why Church Anyway? Part 1 (2 part series)
1991-09-15Have You Heard the Latest About Gossips and Slanderers? (2 part series)
1991-11-10Getting Back What’s Ours (9 part series) 
1992-01-26Life After Death
1992-02-02Guilt and Forgiveness
1992-02-16Simon, Do You Love Me? 
1992-03-22Hope (3 part series)
1992-04-12Making a Place for God When He’s Trying to Make Place for You
1992-04-17Three Simple Helps 
1992-04-17Three Simple Helps 
1992-05-24Repent and Believe 
1992-09-06Making Disciples 
1992-09-19Repentance (2 part series)
1992-11-01The Problem With Kings, Queens, and Presidents: Politics in the Kingdom of God
1992-11-15How to Receive a Prophetic Word
1992-11-29When to RSVP “No Thanks”
1992-12-27Lessons of Possession 
1993-01-31Partnership in Significance 
1993-02-14A Colossians- Grace And Peace To You (12 part series) 
1993-06-05Re-enlisting with God 
1993-05-09Honoring Father and Mother 
1993-10-24Self Righteousness 
1993-12-26Patterns for Newness
1994-01-02New Beginnings 
1994-01-29Paths of Life
1994-02-13Introductions to Acts 
1994-05-08God Will Visit Your Desert (6 part series) 
1994-06-26Temptations in the Desert (4 part series)
1994-08-07The Hour Glass 
1994-08-14Psalm 37
1994-09-11A Sure Footing
1994-09-17Passing On What I Learn
1994-09-24Useful Preparation 
1994-10-16Kind to All 
1994-11-12The Good Samaritan 
1994-11-19Does God Know Where I Go?
1994-11-27The Power of Praise
1994-12-17God is My Portion 
1995-01-07Wrestling With God
1995-01-14It Isn’t Up To You
1995-01-22Only God is Right
1995-01-29Korah’s Rebellion 
1995-02-04Choose and Choose Again
1995-02-19Dispossessing the Kings in Your Land 
1995-02-26Deborah’s Revelation Song
1995-02-28Fear: Foiling False Futures 
1995-03-04The Difference One Can Make
1995-03-11Dead Works or Repentance
1995-03-18A Costly Sacrifice 
1995-03-25The Disobedient Prophet
1995-04-08Healing Through Obedience: Naaman the Leper 
1995-04-22Scriptural Counsel to Give After Praying for Deliverance (2 part series) 
1995-04-23David’s Advice to Solomon 
1995-04-29Battle Lessons
1995-05-20Simple Confession
1995-05-27A Little Here, A Little There: Rebuilding Our Soul
1995-05-29When the Dough is Low 
1995-06-10Why Good People Suffer
1995-06-17The Power of God’s Word
1995-07-08Words to Live By
1995-07-15The Life That Lasts
1995-07-29Jealous Desires
1995-08-06Invitation to the Thirsty 
1995-08-19Persecution of Your Prophetic Voice 
1995-09-10How Can I Admonish You? 
1995-09-17Prophecy of Life to the Dry Bones 
1995-09-30Leave it all Behind (2 part series) 
1995-10-29Daniel: The Madness of Pride
1995-11-12How to Return to the Lord
1995-11-18When God Turns it all Around 
1995-11-25Amos: The Plowman Can Overtake the Reaper 
1995-12-10Living in Repentance 
1995-12-17Prisoners with Hope
1995-12-23A Sign to be Opposed
1995-12-31The Dying Plant