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Spiritual Leadings, Giftings and Operations (May 2016)
Swiss Leaders Conference 2015                                       When a Leader Fails
Daniel Brown – When Leaders Fail from Commended to The Word on Vimeo.
Connection 2014                                                                                                  Daniel spoke at the Foursquare 2014 Connection Conference on how to have a tremendous impact multiplying younger leaders.
Connection 2014 from Commended to The Word on Vimeo.
Embracing Grace                                                                                                  Daniel teaches about grace, and “the law”, and what he learned from writing his book Embracing Grace.

  • The Sanctuary, Santa Clarita CA 1/14 – 4 Teaching 4 Hours of audio Download Zip File.
  • Lompoc Foursquare Church, Lompoc CA 1/14 3 Teachings 3 Hours of of audio Download Zip file.
  • The Coastlands, Aptos, CA 5/13 – 4 Teachings 4 hours audio Download Zip File.
  • The Highlands, Palmdale, CA 3/13  – 4 Teachings, 3 hours 30 mins  audio Download Zip file.
  • New Life, Everett WA 2/13  – 3 Teachings  3 hours audio Download Zip file.
Growing in God                                                                                      Daniel speaks at Hope Chapel, in Hawaii, on passing the wisdom of what we have learned on to those new in Christ. He then goes on and tells how God uses the “nobody’s” of life, doing the simple things to reach out to the world to show God’s love and power. Using John the baptist as an example to us. To grow in God you need a mentor and become a disciple. 2 Kings 1:1 – 18. the story of king Ahaziah and Elijah.

The Old Testament in 70 Mins.                                                                                            From the archives of CTW we cobbled together the overview from a series Daniel entitled “Stories you Never Heard in Sunday School” Got 70 mins? Get an overview, and an interesting twist, on each book in the Old Testament.