How much is COMMENDED?

COMMENDED is a free app.

How long do I have access to the audio seminars?

The seminars do not expire. The COMMENDED infrastructure is supported though donations.

My year is finished, is Daniel writing more devotions?

COMMENDED includes 365 devotions. After one year you can optionally restart the devotions to be delivered daily to your phone again, or keep them all on your phone. Any notes and favorite setting will you have made in the first year will be maintained.  Daniel has no plans at this time to write more devotions.

I haven't received a devotion in a while....

  1. Check your app store and install any availble updates.
  2. Is your year up? Check you subscription dates via Settings→Subscription. 

I missed some devotions, can I still read those?

Yes!  You can see all devotions  via Settings→All Devotions. Unread devotions have a light-blue background. 

If you have any questions or support related issues, you can email us at gro.sdnaltsaoc.wtcnull@DEDNEMMOC 

Please check for updates to make sure you are using the current version of the app.