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Inner Wars Bundle

6 Teaching Series, 25 Hours of Material - Save 20%

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abuse recovery

All Torn Up Inside

Learn how…

  • To discern destructive counsel—and to find godly mentors
  • Gratitude and forgiveness are essential for recovery
  • Your attitude toward authority either harms or restores you
Deliverance MP3 Series, by Daniel Brown


Clarifying what deliverance is, as well as identifying what it is not, this series will discuss:

  • Some common misunderstandings about deliverance
  • The nature and activity of demons
  • Patterns and biblical tools for ministering spiritual freedom
Escape Spiritual Lies traps&traumas

Escape Spiritual Lies Traps Traumas

Learn about…

  • How to recognize an idol in your life
  • The power behind ancient images
  • Strategies against the lies of your spiritual opponents
  • Old Testament wisdom for today’s spiritual battles
Our Hope for Freedom MP3 and Video Series

Our Hope for Freedom

Have you ever wondered…

  • What’s the difference between body, soul and spirit?
  • Can mere thoughts and feelings hold us captive?
  • What are the symptoms of demonic bondage?
  • How do you know when you’ve been delivered?
Isaiah 61

Isaiah 61

Find out...

  • Why you can’t seem to free yourself from your pain
  • The kinds of hurt and loss caused by demonic activity
  • The balanced principles behind a fruitful deliverance ministry
Warring Spiritually MP3 and Video Series

Warring Spiritually

Victories happen when we…

  • Trust Scripture as an antidote for confusion
  • Decide to NOT obey the force of sin
  • Recognize Satan isn’t everywhere, and he doesn’t know everything
  • Become alert to the spiritual battleground of the mind


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